What MTG deck should you buy given the cards and the decks already in your collection?
Click on Submit Your Collection and paste the list of your cards to see how much you should spend to build MTG competitive Decks.
Mkm price trends are used for € prices, TCG Market prices are used for USD prices.

Export MTGA Collection:
Log into Arena and go to "Adjust Options"; click on "View Account"; check the “Detailed Logs (Plugin Support)” button and restart the game.
Click hereto download Orens MTGA-EasyExporterV1.2 FOR Zendikar Rising.

Open your Downloads folder and run OrensMTGA-EasyExporterV1.2.exe. If you receive a warning message, click "More info" and then "Run anyway". Do not copy anything while the program is running. A black tab will open and show you the progress. After one minute, it will finish and create a new file named "MTGAcollection.txt". Now, click on Submit Your Collection and paste.

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